Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weird European Christmas Traditions And More

Hi everybody! It's me. I've been gone for a long time because I realized that with scant exception, nobody really gives a poop (more on that later) about what bloggers have to say. Of course, that's not universally true. My buddy Swandad is a great exception. He runs a fine blog that a ton of people like and enjoy, me included. But he is surely one in a thousand. For the rest of us, nobody cares about our thoughts on life or food or anything (especially religion and politics). If somebody did, we'd be paid to share those thoughts. Those views on Sarah Palin or Joe Biden, those thoughts on the meaning of life, those announcements of what you believe, tales of what you ate for breakfast, well, I hate to break it to you but nobody cares. I'm the guy telling you that you have a giant boogie hanging from your nose.

So, this blog is now OPINION FREE! It'll just be a link to other things or a display of pictures and videos and such. I find a lot of this as I trawl the web so this is where I'll put the stuff instead of emailing people the links, items, whatever. I report, you decide. Those of you who feel obliged to do so may continue to spew your personal electronic diarrhea all over the internet.

OK. Now, let's get to some good links. Today's theme - awful European Christmas traditions. All courtesy of Der Spiegel Online:
Austria's Terrifying Christmas Demon

Black Pete: Holland's Heart-Warming Tradition Of Christmas Slavery

El Caganer - Catalonia's Very Poopy Christmas

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