Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye Holidays

Whew, thank God they're over. Couldn't take much more of that. People coming over to consume all of your precious booze. My liquor cabinet began December as The Arsenal Of Insobriety, barely containing its packed ranks of various delightful liquors, but now it is reduced to a pathetic wasteland occasionally dotted by the odd half bottle of vermouth here and a nearly empty bottle of port there.

I should have heeded the sage advice of Kingsley Amis. He was one of the great drinkers in the history of man and he gave some sound advice about how to throw a party without putting a severe dent in your liquor cabinet. For those of you who, like me, consider yourselves masters of the glorious art of drinking I command you to get to a bookstore (then a liquor store) and buy Kingsley Amis' Everyday Drinking. You will keel over from laughing so hard. That is, if you don't keel over from the drink first.

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