Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If Strange Hairstyles Were Worth Points In The Premiership . . .

. . .then Manchester City would be breezing towards the title. Let's look at but three of the players over at Eastlands.

1) Blumer Elano (a bit unfair to include him, as he hasn't seen too much playing time of late and is undoubtedly being shipped out in January) and his white feller cornrows.

2) Jo, Brazilian striker or Buckwheat impersonator? First with his hair very poorly cornrowed, and then au naturel. 3) Stephen Ireland, the former Irish international and owner of some very peripatetic hair. The first picture is from 06, the second from 07, and the last from 08. It seems that in 2006 his hair began the long migration from the back of his skull to his jaw line, arriving there in 2008. Also note the presence of pre-cornrow Elano and faux-hawked Robinho in the last picture. For the strange saga of Stephen Ireland - who is having an outstanding year for City and has been a real pleasure to watch play - start reading here.

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