Monday, February 9, 2009

Heads Are Rolling!

Wow. What a bad day for soccer coaches. First Tony Adams gets the ax from Portsmouth. And who doesn't like Tony Adams, despite his having played for Arsenal? A great defender, except when he missed that final tackle here,

and a very admirable man who won a hard battle against booze and has since helped others with their problems. I feel badly for Tony. I told my friend Terry From Derry that I think Portsmouth threw that game on Saturday. If not, they still played like shit and cost Tony his job. Anyway, he'll be fine.

Now here we see Big Phil Scolari asking for directions out of Stamford Bridge. The guy came in with huge fanfare and he's already out after a few months. Chelsea are currently in fourth, and it is blamed on Scolari. OK. But do you want to know the real reason they're in fourth? No Michael Essien.

And now comes word from Holland that the great Marco Van Basten, former Holland, Ajax, and AC Milan super striker, has gotten a vote of confidence from the board at Ajax. Surely now his coaching days are numbered. Here he is in happier days as a player for Ajax, scoring a typically ridiculous goal.

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