Monday, January 19, 2009


In the midst of all the greed, corruption, and commercial control in the sporting world, it is nice to know there are still a few athletes who meet our ideals. Here's one - the Brazil and AC Milan superstar, and devout Christian, Kaka.That's him at his apartment window a few hours ago, letting the throng of AC Milan fans below know he turned down a $160 million deal which would have sent him to Manchester City and earned him 500,000 pounds per week. He seems like a genuinely good man and his loyalty to his club is rare indeed. Watch him here in part 1 of Adidas's Dream Big San Marino commercial. Obviously it's a commercial to sell Adidas gear but look at how happy Kaka makes this kid who idolizes him.

So here's to you, Kaka. For being a good guy you are hereby named the second member of the HTADB Hall Of Fame.

Here is Part 4 - the final part - of the Dream Big San Marino commercial. Very nice indeed.


swandad said...

Who's the first?

Bloggity Blog Blog said...

Good question. In rethinking that, I suppose Kaka's actually the third. You would be the first, since you are the Johnny Appleseed of this blog. Moritz Volz is the second. Here's why -