Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NASCAR's 60 Most Beautiful People

Seriously, stop laughing. I know what you're thinking - most of the drivers look like extras from Southern Comfort. Maybe once upon a time that was the case. But The Sporting News wants you to know that NASCAR has come a long way from its hillbilly roots and that there are now at least 60 attractive people who are fully to marginally involved in the sport. People like Jeff Gordon's stunningly beautiful wife, Ingrid VandeboschWow. She just sort of takes your breath away, doesn't she? God bless you Jeff - happiness to both of you. But how on earth can anybody put that woman on the same beautiful people list with this feller?

Tony Stewart is by far and away the best pure driver I have ever seen but I am nearly certain he doesn't belong on the same beautiful people list with Ingrid Vandebosch. She's smoking hot, he's a dude. You make the call.

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