Monday, July 20, 2009

David Beckham Is No Eric Cantona

The Beckham, who is mad hard, dog, confronts an angry fan at a Galaxy match. Lots of farting, no poop.

Just another example of how international football is being taken over by ladyboys.

Like here, where Ronaldo admits that he likes short shorts. Oof.

And here as Emanuel Adebayor arrives to sign for City at Middle Eastlands in an outfit from the Blue Osyter Bar Collection.

We've already gone over Carlos Tevez and his inability to find the men's section.

I can't find a picture of it but I saw on Sky Sports out of the corner of my eye last week where Joleon Lescott was walking through a parking lot dressed like a refugee from The Thunderdome.

What's up with the footballers, man? They should remember two fundamental rules while out in public. 1 - they are grown men. 2 - they need to dress like grown men.

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