Monday, July 6, 2009

Ring A Ding Ding, It's The Grunge, Dollface

So last week I found myself receiving liberal doses of adult refreshment at the swank Campbell Apartment. It's in Grand Central Terminal. Very upscale, old-fashioned sort of place, and you won't hear rap or rock in there. Anyway, as I'm sitting there I hear a Rat Pack type version of Smells Like Teen Spirit come on over the sound system. I thought I'd heard it before, and sadly I had though I can't remember why. It's Paul Anka covering Nirvana. Here it is - share my pain

What can one say about this? Nirvana, as influential as they were, were dreadfully bad. When you take crashing drums and all three fuzzy deafening chords away from the lyrics and finally get to hear the words almost spoken instead of shouted, you realize just how bad they were. But on the flip side you have Paul Anka desperately trying to remain relevant by copying the "bad" music from the kids on the street. What a weird moment in music history.

UPDATE** Who can forget this Paul Anka outburst?

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