Monday, October 20, 2008

Cacka Dookies In The News

You both know me - I'm all about preserving this planet. I dutifully recycle as told (though I question its actual net gain for the environment), consume as little as possible, buy locally whenever I can, etc.. I, like all of us, have a deep vested interest in doing this because there's actually no place else for us to go once this world is shot. But in their race to institute environmental change, large segments of the "green" movement are moving further and further away from practicality and honesty. They seem to be more concerned with doing something that suits their purposes rather than doing something worthwhile for all of us. Look at this load of shit (literally) from England. The greenies fell on their face when they set out to prove that washable diapers are generally better for the environment than disposable ones but they refuse to admit they were in fact quite wrong. And in this instance by "they" I mean the English government. It's absolutely shocking. Add this to the mountain of policies inflicted on us all that basically say, taxpayer, go fuck yourself.

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