Thursday, October 16, 2008

So Long, Bobby Meacham

Bobby Meacham, the Yankees' third base and infield coach has been given the heave ho. In spite of my childhood hopes to the contrary, Meacham never became the great player some suspected he would. But he seems to be a very pleasant guy and of course he was a memorable part of some of the worst Yankee teams of my childhood. I think I probably still have his baseball cards.

Anyway, here's a question for both of you. Why do baseball teams need so many coaches to begin with? I'll give you the manager and the pitching coach, and grudgingly the first and third base coach, but do teams really need a "bench coach"? Or a "hitting coach"? What does the actual manager do anymore? And what does a "bench coach" do that the manager is unable to do. Much as I love him, I never understood what the hell Don Zimmer was doing with the Yankees. He seemed like a mascot. As a bench coach, it seemed his only job was to sit there and talk with Torre. They reminded me of old men sitting in a barbershop or in McDonald's at breakfast.

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