Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Sun Rose In The East Today . . .

. . .and so Michel Platini had something stupid to say. Remember that - if the sun rises in the east, Michel Platini will say something stupid, especially about the Premiership. Michel Platini, former French international, 3 time European Footballer Of The Year, and hairbrushophobe,
is the President of UEFA. He's got a real bug up his ass for English soccer (football, futbol, etc) and he seldom misses the opportunity to let everybody know. Just a week or so ago he blasted Arsene Wenger (coach of Arsenal and Platini's fellow Frenchman) and now more recently he's torn into English clubs for poaching young players from around the world and for having too many foreign owners and players in the Premier League. So says the Frenchman who reached stardom playing in Italy for Juventus. And now there's talk of UEFA barring English teams that carry too much debt from playing in European competitions. Give me a break - is anybody or any group not in debt right now? Seems like there's two things going on here. The first is a poorly hidden European resentment of the strength of the Premiership, and the second is that now even football (calcio, soccer) is being affected by the creeping neo-socialism that is taking over Europe. Michel Platini and his ilk may in some way think they're helping, but they are really just helping to suck all of the fun out of the game.

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