Friday, August 28, 2009

In Praise Of Wenger, And More

Hey, I'm certainly not a fan of Arsenal. But despite the as of late empty silverware shelves I think they have definitely got their poop in order, and that is directly attributable to Arsense Wenger. He's nearly the last good man left in soccer (calcio, futbol, etc). He develops talent (perhaps better than any other manager in the game) rather overpay for it, his teams play what is sometimes mesmerizing football, and his comments are almost always 100% correct. Here, he opens a can of le whoop ass on UEFA for penalizing Arsenal's Eduardo after his dive against Celtic in this week's Champions League clash.

Did Eduardo dive? Come on, of course he did. But Wenger makes a very valid point when he says:

"Normally a situation that has been assessed and judged by the referee cannot be touched again.

"So that means we have opened a door that means that every single decision that is seen by a referee can be changed. They have opened a very dangerous door there."

He may talk funny, but he's right. Are decisions made by referees now open to post match revision? Think of what that could mean. A very tricky species, indeed.

Hair Ye, Hair Ye

Louis "Unbreakable" Saha, displaying his new hair style. Look, the orange afro does not work for anybody not wearing clown makeup. Just look what it did to poor Wes Brown.

I thought the sight of Benny Hill sporting this bush whilst playing snooker would have acted as a sort of Scared Straight program for anybody bearing or considering the awful do.

But the damned thing keeps cropping up. Enough!

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