Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wenger Kicks The Bottle

The last dying seconds of injury time in yesterday's Good Guys vs Arsenal match were not kind to Old Wenger and his foreign legion. First, a last gasp game-tying goal was disallowed, and then Wenger was sent off. For kicking that bottle in the picture above. Now I get the goal being disallowed - it was a clear offsides - but Wenger was surely treated a bit harshly. There was an excellent camera shot of him, banished to the stands, with arms outstretched, stunned but defiant, with the Old Trafford faithful really giving him the business in the background. Arsenal looked like the better team for large chunks of play and despite having lost, they didn't particularly deserve the ending they got. And as it turns out, referees chief Kevin Hackett agrees. He will be formally apologizing to Wenger.

And another point reagrding yesterday's big match - SAF is getting a bit too sentimental with his lineup choices. Ryan Giggs starting up front? Against Arsenal? I get that Giggs is one of the all-time greats - without question - but he's getting a bit too long in the tooth for this sort of use. He looked completely useless in the first half. Granted, his ball to Rooney led to the penalty, but that penalty was won by Rooney's hustle more than anything else. And his free kick that led to the other goal was a fluke. How can you leave Berbatov, Owen, or even Macheda and Wellbeck on the bench and start Giggs in this sort of spot?

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