Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Michel Platini - The Brilliantest Most Person Ever

Well he must be, right? How else could he so frequently astound the world with his God-like nuggets of wisdom? Like his latest - that soccer can bring peace to the mideast. He says soccer promotes "peace, tolerance and friendship." So, can we please just give the Israeli settlers and Hamas militiamen some soccer balls already? That should solve about 4,000 years of bloody dispute over the area.

Anyway, here's some footage of Michel Platini celebrating his famous winning goal for Juventus against Liverpool in the 85 European Cup Final.

That he's celebrating like this proves that soccer brings peace and happiness. Why? Because just an hour or two before the match, in the stadium, for all there to witness, 39 supporters of Juventus died and hundreds were injured in savage rioting. But then the game finally started and poof! all the bad stuff stopped and everything was betterer!

Soccer's ability to promote peace, tolerance, and friendship. It's like magic I tell you. Magic.

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