Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome Back

. . .to me! Hi everybody! I was totally super upset to be away for a while, but now I'm back to ruin your day. Where to begin? How about with . . .

The Yankees

Loving it, absolutely loving it. Looks like we'll be buying, er, winning another championship. But what I'm not loving are these retarded start times for the games. What child caught the end of that Game 2? I'm a grown up, with a chest full of rich, manly hair, and I couldn't even make it past the 8th inning. MLB, give us a break and start the games earlier. Also, what's with these Holden Caulfield hats?

I know it was cold, but was it that cold? If this had been a football game in Green Bay, I think the players would have thought it was the global warming happening to them, what with the balminess. Hey, at least this hat isn't as menacing as Robinson Cano's balaclava.

Jaysus, Mary, and Joseph, boyo! Is this an IRA sniper or our second baseman?

Down Goes Giampaolo Pazzini!

The Lazio - Sampdoria match yesterday was unusually physical, especially given the number of ladies' headbands on the pitch (come on, men of Italy, really). And in what became a very physical match by far the most physical moment was when Giampaolo Pazzini got his nose broken by Lazio goalkeeper Fernando Muslera. This was straight out of a comic book. Pazzini goes up for a header in the box and Muslera, flying through the air like Superman, throws a haymaker to knock the ball away. But, mamma mia, instead he make a the hit on Pazzini's face, and a Pazzini he get a the broke nose. It was incredible. To his credit, Pazzini got up quickly and walked off the pitch but now he's out for a few weeks.

Life At The Top

Boy oh boy, what a weekend for United! Chelsea and Liverpool both drink deeply from the cup of embarrassing failure, and City barely get a point off of Wigan (who had a perfectly legitimate goal called off, by the way). Sooo, the good guys go back on top. And may I just take back the things I've said about Giggsy at the start of the year, because he's playing ridiculous football right now. In attempting to cover Giggs, the Bolton defense got more twisted than Willie Nelson at a hemp festival.

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thank goodness you are back...katanga luvs him some dirty baths