Saturday, September 26, 2009


Was the second half of Portsmouth-Everton the second half of a soccer match or the final assault on the Legion fort in Beau Geste. Wowza! Portsmouth didn't get any points out of a lung-busting effort that, if they gave points for effort, they clearly deserved 3 points for. Everton wins 1-0, but what a cracker of a match.

And . . . Robbie Mustoe's girlfriend was behind the camera at ESPN again. The jealousy was on display as the fabulous Miss Georgie (Bada) Bingham was again filmed from a maximum nearness of about 50 ft. Robbie Mustoe got close-ups galore though, like shots out of Fantastic Voyage. And Tommy Smyth dropped an onion bag line. Oof.

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