Sunday, September 6, 2009

Very Fishy Indeed

So, I recently read a magnificent book called The Fix, by investigative journalist Declan Hill. It's a real eye-opener, and it goes into tremendously saddening detail regarding the match fixing that goes on in soccer - all over the world. It's hard to ever watch the game the same way after reading it because it makes you paranoid. Every bad play, every goal that really should have been saved, suspicious own goals, they all make you think twice.

So that's why when I saw that Italy beat Georgia 2-0 yesterday in a World Cup qualifying match, and that both goals were own goals, and both own goals were put in by the SAME PLAYER, who just happens to play in Italy for AC Milan, I said to myself, "self, hmmmmm, this seems very fishy indeed".

Those Straight Laced, Puritanical Dutch

I stopped by the Dutch exhibition in Bowling Green park on Friday. Holland had sponsored this sort of mini-Dutch village set up to promote their nation. I went in the far off hope that two things would be present. Beer and naked ladies in shop windows. Goes without saying but neither was there. And for you stoners out there, there wasn't even a hash brownie stand. Very strange. Were the tiny slivers of Dutch cheese, wooden shoes, and tulip bulbs really the best bait the Dutch could find to lure people to their country?

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