Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Speaking Of Celebrity Causes . . .

I notice that Tilda Swinton is among the list of celebrities who are proud to support a man who anally raped an underage girl and then fled punishment.

Tilda also features in the classic "Stand Up To Cancer" commercial (extended version here, I refuse to post it because I would not sully such purposeful art by putting it on my site). Have you seen it? A variety of celebrities (Tilda, Mike Bloomberg, Lance Armstrong, etc) confidently rise from their seats and stand up. They're not standing up to terrorists, or North Korea, or anything like that. That's for pussies. No, they're standing up to cancer. These brave mother******s are risking it all to push back against naturally occurring yet dangerous forms of cell division. They've had enough of it, and now they are going to kick the living shit out of cancer. Next on the list for a celebrity beatdown . . . plate tectonics. Look out, uncontrollable act of nature, Hollywood is about to drop the atomic elbow on your noggin.

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