Monday, September 22, 2008


My Colombian brother-in-law is always telling me about the corralejas. Colombian amateur bullfighting. He always goes when he's down there. Well, it's not really bullfighting so much as it is a few hundred guys getting incredibly wasted, jumping into a ring with an enraged bull, and then running in terror. Here's a video, complete with a soundtrack that reminds me of the music I often heard at night when I lived behind a 24 hour gas station in the Bronx:

I love the arena this event takes place in. It seems more like a gigantic lean-to than any sort of proper sports venue. I wouldn't sneeze or cough too hard if I were standing next to it for fear of bringing the whole thing down. Anyway, the video you just saw made it seem like it's all fun and giggles. It isn't always. If you'd like to see about 9 minutes of the bull winning, big time, click here. Let me warn you first that watching a bull trample and gore somebody is an exceptionally awful thing, so don't click the link if something like that, or techno music soundtracks, will upset you.

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