Sunday, September 21, 2008

Watching The Pre Game Ceremonies Before The Final Yankee Stadium Game And . . .

. . . I'm just so embarrassed right now. For the Yankees. This whole thing is so overdone it's shocking. It looks like the Yankees raided a nursing home, took all the old-timers out, slapped ancient Yankee uniforms on them, and then made them stand in center field pretending to be very old Yankees. So these guys are standing out there somewhat unsure of what to do, and most of them look like they need to sit down soon.

And then this whole nonsense of, "Ladies and gentlemen, Roger Maris' son, Randy Maris! Randy Maris." It's crazy. What's with the need to cart out the family members of deceased players?

And and, watching the real old-timers run out onto the field is nerve-wracking because they look very unsteady on their feet.

Just please play the effin' game already. These Yankee ceremonies have gotten completely out of hand.

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