Saturday, September 6, 2008

"I Never Knew Hot Dogs Were Bad For Me", "God Bless America" Bashing, And More!

In a continuation of Mayor Mike Bloomberg's attempts to suck all of the fun and flavor and personal savings out of the lives of New Yorkers, the Yankees have been hit with a health violation by the city for not having posted calorie counts on the menu boards at the Stadium. Here's the article.

I have just a quick thought on this. If you need a large print sign to inform you that the nachos and (what passes for) cheese at Yankee Stadium is not a healthy food choice, or if you're so lost that you are unaware of just how incredibly unhealthy a hot dog is, then you shouldn't be allowed to go to a Yankee game. Or anywhere. Stay at home. You're fucking up the world for everybody else.

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On another Yankee note, famed sportswriter and facial hair enthusiast George Kimball, in his America At Large column in The Irish Times, laments the 7th inning God Bless America ceremony that takes place at every Yankee home game. Here's his article, and here's what I find fascinating about it. I quote,

"over the years I've come to regard the drum roll for God Bless America at Yankee Stadium as the signal to head outside for a smoke break."

Kimball doesn't really make any attempt in this article to hide his political leanings or his disdain for the views and practices found on the other side of his hill. He doesn't like what he views as the crudely enforced patriotism at Yankee Stadium, or how the Republican Party and the "pro-Iraq lobby" have co-opted both the song and Ronan Tynan (huh?), the Irish tenor who sometimes signs the song at Yankee Stadium. And so on. He doesn't seem to want that whole scene forced on him.

That's fine. It's America, and as an American George Kimball's right to express those views is still well and justly protected. Yet he seems to have no problem with smoking at Yankee Stadium. That must be OK because it suits him, despite the fact it's a legal no no. And despite the fact that many people at Yankee Stadium may not wish to smell or be exposed to the smoke from his cigarette.

So here's to you, George Kimball. You don't like having views and practices you disagree with forced upon you, and you're going to smoke a cigarette in a no smoking area to prove it.

Teapot, this is Kettle. Kettle, this is Teapot.

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No league footie this weekend. The Yanks were humiliated by lowly Seattle last night. But the NFL is back. My NY football Giants might have won their first game, but I'm worried how they'll finish without the services of the great Osi Umenyiora.

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