Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not A Good Sporting Weekend

Manchester United handed Liverpool a gift 2-1 victory yesterday away at Anfield. An own goal from Wes Brown (though it was clearly Edwin Van Der Saar's fault) and a disgraceful display of clearing the ball out of the box from Ryan Giggs (I'm actually ashamed to criticize the guy after all he's done for the club) were all Liverpool needed. United's goal came from this guy (make sure you're sitting and have had your coffee before you look) - Aghhh! Carlos Tevez! Good grief, get a haircut dude!

My second favorite Italian team - Roma - suffered an embarrassing 3-1 defeat to Palermo. Made all the more embarrassing because Palermo is kitted out in this -
Yes. It's pink! PINK! How can they go out onto the pitch like that? Roma may have the best jersey in all of soccer - not the sponsor stuff, but the logo of Romulus and Remus suckling on the She Wolf - and they lose to guys in pink jerseys.

Finally, the Yankees' season may be over but this kid Phil Coke looks great, and he had another lights out performance yesterday. He's yet to give up a run in seven relief innings. Excellent stuff, and I hope he's the real deal. But why, oh WHY, are the Yankees not allowing Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy to get some big league experience considering the season has, for all intents and purposes, been over for weeks? Why do they keep putting Ponson and Pavano out there? So what if Hughes and Kennedy get pounded? Who cares? Let them get some experience.

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