Friday, May 15, 2009

How Petty Can One Get?

The Scottish have always been burdened with accusations of being cheap - see this excellent Monty Python clip for an example

but this story from the BBC really takes the cake. Or rather, the pie.

Football clubs across Scotland have been accused of fleecing fans - by failing to make sure the VAT has been cut on the pies, Bovril and hotdogs sold at their grounds. . .

Andy Walker, a 58-year-old Celtic supporter from Dundee, got in touch with BBC Scotland to complain that the price of hot food at every ground he has visited had not changed.

He wants clubs and caterers to pass on the reductions.

Mr Walker said: "From the start of the season right to the present day prices have remained the same.
"On a £3 item, for example a hotdog, I should've been saving six pence. . .

Really, Mr. Walker? You've complained to the BBC (and, astonishingly, they've decided to create an entire story out of it) because you have been fleeced to the tune of six pence on your hot dog? Good grief. I guess you've never been to a Yankee game. If you had you'd count your blessings.

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