Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Footballing Weekend In Pictures

Carlos Tevez, (soon to be former) Manchester United striker and truly one of my all-time favorite soccerballers, stops in mid-stride during the Manchester Derby to listen to the churchbells his twin brother Quasimodo is ringing in the distance. Take it easy - he looks like Cary Grant compared to me.

An extremely excited Obafemi Martins celebrates his new hairdo (think George Raft meets Jim Kelly) and his goal in the big Newcastle/Middlesbrough northeast semi-derby/relegation battle by jumping on Newcastle coach Alan Shearer and . . . well, err . . . oh. Hmm. Well, anyway, Shearer doesn't seem to mind. (picture courtesy of The Sun, which is always worth visiting).

American Carlos Bocanegra scores for Rennes against Guingamp (Guincamp defeated Rennes, 2-1, btw). I know the angle probably doesn't do the play justice, but doesn't the keeper look comically out of place? He appears to be diving to get away from the ball. Meanwhile, the defender behind his hands has taken this play off in order to do some interpretative jazz dance.

During his team's 1-1 draw against AC Milan, Juventus fullback Paolo De Ceglie struggles to avoid the Kaka on the pitch.

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