Saturday, May 16, 2009

Melky Cabrera - Berlitz School Dropout

Melky Cabrera hit a ninth inning walk off rope to left center to complete the Yankees' comeback victory against the Twins last night. But after the game, YES Network reporter Kim Jones interviewed Melky (after A.J. Burnett had given him a shaving cream pie to the face) about his big night but the questions were answered . . . by a translator. Wha happun! This knucklehead has been playing in the majors since 2005 and he still doesn't know enough English to do a post game interview? Yes, I know from living there, the Bronx isn't the best place for a foreigner to learn English. But come on, 4 years wasn't enough time to learn how to say "I's glad we went out and esecuted tonights but we has to give one hundred and ten percents tomorrow"? He's making 1.4 million this year - how about buying one of those learn to speak the English sets they sell on commerial breaks during El Gordo y La Flaca*?

*if you can look past El Gordo's bare chest, the jacuzzi segments are pretty good.

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