Monday, June 29, 2009

This Sporting Weekend

Spotted last night sitting behind home plate at the Yankees-Mets game was NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Wearing a sweater over his shirt. It was hot as intercoursing hell last night and this guy is wearing a sweater. I suppose humorless automatons don't sweat but come on. Yet another reason to dislike the man.

The US lost a heartbreaker to Brazil yesterday in the Confederations Cup final. The tournament will be remembered not so much for the quality of play as it will be for the awful, hellish drone of the vuvuzella.

The cheap plastic horn that is intrinsic to South African football culture yet turns every match into 90 minutes of sonic agony. These things must - MUST - be banned before the World Cup comes to South Africa next year.

Carlos Tevez is almost certainly off to Manchester City or Chelsea, because he's offended that The Good Guys didn't start him every game. Ahh, such honesty from a player I used to really admire. So when he gets to Middle Eastlands or Stamford Bridge and finds himself waiting to start behind Robinho and Santa Cruz or Drogba and Anelka, will he try to bolt again? Or has this all been some very sad ploy for a payday? I think it's the latter. Really pathetic.

SAF must pry Ibrahimovic away from Inter.

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