Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today In Baseball

Great Keystone Cops type-double play from last night's Mets game. Cue circus calliope and . . . go.

The Phillies will put rookie pitcher Antonio Bastardo on the mound to face the Dodgers. Bastardo. Can you imagine growing up with that name, the abuse you'd have to endure?

The MLB Network is one of the greatest inventions ever, but Harold Reynolds, I don't know, maybe a little annoying already? Too much with the Sportscenter/Fox Football Sunday yucking it up.

This isn't really from today or this weekend but Jim Caple of had an article a short while ago in which he mentions the Baseball Boogie. I've hesitated to post it because it is painful, absolutely painful, to watch but I'm going to do it anyway and let you suffer as I have. Behold, the 1986 Dodgers and The Baseball Boogie.

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